Its been a busy summer so far, but I think I’m almost ready to do the kickstarter. I just made the video for it and setup the page. Now looking at indie game sites and influencers that can help get the campaign exposure. Can’t wait to get back to focusing completely on development.


The first combat demo is available now at gamejolt.

Its an early demo that just displays the sword radial attack and block system. We are looking for feedback to refine and make the core combat the best it can be. If you made it far enough in the demo, the better swords have skills on them. They just scratch the surface of possibilities, but in general they will always be skill based, in line with the attack/block system and not overpowered or unavoidable.

Here is a video walkthrough explaining the concept:


Next Steps

The demo will continue to be refined, but the next focus is going to be kickstarter and getting more help.  The goal of kickstarter will be to gauge interest in this concept, and hopefully get some money to speed development.

Once mechanics are ironed out, the next development goal will be a linear play through of part of the story.